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my cast of dream 

Jim Carrey as the Pyro omg

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This is it. This video is everything Mass Effect means to me. I’ll damn near cry every time I watch it, because this story, these characters, have been with me every day of my life for the past six years. They’ve touched me in ways no other fiction, of any medium, has ever done. It’s not even close.

Remember your first trip through the relay? That first time the Citadel opened? The moment you realized Sovereign was a goddamned reaper? Almost losing Wrex. Having to choose on Virmire.Vigil. Walking up the elevator shaft of a shattered Citadel. That shit eating grin when Shepard emerges from the wreckage.

The breathtaking destruction of the Normandy. Shepard’s helpless tumble through space. When the helmet comes off Archangel and it’s Garrus, and you wanted to cry because you were so happy to see a familiar face.

Kaidan walking away on Horizon. The collectors are fucking protheans, what the holy fuck? Tali weeping in your arms. Befriending a geth. Mordin sings. Joker plugging in the overlord. Taking the plunge through the Omega 4 and finding holy shit what the fuck on the other side. Coming home from the suicide mission with no one left behind. Or losing someone you cared about.

Liara is the Shadow Broker. Holy hell.

Spotting Kaidan on Earth. I used to. The first reaper horns. Leaving Earth in a cloud of ash. Almost losing a friend on Mars, in some cases a lover. Hearing Garrus’ voice on Menae, how relieved you were he was alive. Grunt. Oh, Grunt, when we thought we lost you, that rush of excitement when you stumbled back home.

Tuchanka. Where I wept like I’d lost a dear friend. Had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong.

Thane, that moment when you thought he’d won…and then that cruel, perfect slip of the blade. Guide this one, kalahira. Punching Han’Gerrel in his flipping gut. Facing down a reaper. On FOOT, you badass. Does this unit have a soul? Losing. To that pansy bitch Kai Leng. Summoning the fleets to Earth, watching them pour out of the relay, standing strong, standing together. Because of Shepard.

Saying goodbye to the ones you love. Go out there, and give them hell. You were born to do this.

I’m proud of you.

The heartbreak. The outrage. Holding the line.

…Citadel. Your friends standing by your side. Laughing. Fighting. For you. WINDING UP ON SET WITH BLASTO. A tattoo. A tango. A shuttle ride. A song. The food of my people. The party. Hanars and sweaters. 

A great ride.

The best.

This game is so much more than a game. It’s brought me joy. Laughter. Tears. Friends. Gets me way to excited about a letter and a number.

Happy N7 Day.

You hit the husk on the head.

To this day I like to think that Tali and Shepard got that lovely little house on Rannoch. Thank you, BioWare, for a great experience.

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1200 hours and four Halloween events of Team Fortress 2 and my only thought is that I could still use some more hats. 

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Cool children’s book styled slides by Timdenee

Very interesting!

I love respawn theories. This is a damn good one.

Oh hey somebody made a cute artsy slideshow of my vidya game head canons

Graphic design boner

Crazy awesome theorizing for a crazy awesome game

It’s perfect… o.o






It’s actually the Transit of Spacecore 2012.

This made me giggle quite a bit. X3

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If this happened I would play the everloving fuck out of Kingdom Hearts.

My ultimate dream for the Kingdom Hearts series. 


If this happened I would play the everloving fuck out of Kingdom Hearts.

My ultimate dream for the Kingdom Hearts series. 

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this is perfection. legit tears down my face.

Mother. Of. God.

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Why isn’t this out yet? :<

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